Athletic Academic Stars – Fall Quarter

KilyoZKZvaD4fpqmTfsRI7I80Jei4B85KItqqiFUimQThe Shoreline Dolphins aren’t just performing on the field and on the court, but in the classroom as well! With the Fall Quarter completed it’s time to recognize our Phins and their prowess in the classroom. The highest Team GPA of the Fall Quarter was a 3.17 by the Volleyball team. The highest male GPA for the Fall Quarter was earned by Men’s Soccer player Tony Tran with a 3.95. The highest female GPA for the Fall Quarter was a 3.9 from Women’s Soccer player Shey Thompson. Below are all the team leaders for the Fall Quarter:

Women’s Soccer: Shey Thompson – 3.9

Men’s Soccer: Tony Tran – 3.95

Volleyball: Taylor Alexander – 3.87

Women’s Basketball: Bianca Harris – 3.89

Men’s Basketball: Jason Smarr – 3.87

Softball: Megan Bruce – 3.8

Baseball: Tyler Wingert – 3.87

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